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About Automate Earth

Automate Earth's purpose is to make your life easier through automation equipment and software. Our goal is to provide solutions that reduce your day-to-day mundane tasks and seamlessly and intuitevly fit into your life. Whether that be longer tasks like cutting the lawn, vaccuuming, or weekly maintenance for pets; or shorter, more repetitive tasks like flipping light switches, checking locks at night, or making coffee, we want to cover it all, so you can spend more time doing what you love, and less time on the busy-work.

We at Automate Earth also believe in both the beauty and importance of the environment around us, so our solutions are made as environmentally friendly as possible. Sometimes that means energy usage reduction, less reliance on non-recyclable polymers like plastics, products made from recycled materials, or completely reused shipping materials. The goal is to help nature thrive and be beautiful while also making our lives easier.

We only sell high quality products that are known to be best in class.

Why do we only sell Z-Wave?

What's Next?

Our current goal is to develop Automate Earth exclusive solutions and products that will show the world how much farther automation can be taken with today's technology. There is a whole world out there full of new and exciting ideas and technologies that are just waiting to be put into consumer products, and it's time to put those new technologies into use.

Our Mission

To challenge what people know and think of as the current limit of technology that they can get their hands on; by offering them solutions utilizing industry leading technologies; while helping people and businesses live a more comfortable life and bringing balance between them and the world around them through automation.

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How We Plan To Succeed

Success to us looks like a world where humans are surrounded by the beauty of nature and spend more of our time in relaxation and less on the mundane. Every incandescent light bulb that gets replaced with an LED, every smart switch that gets installed, and every human, plant, or animal that is cared for is a small success for the world.

We believe that success can only come from our creative minds and dedication to our founding principals.